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In the field of research and development, we are actively communicating with our customers. Improve and improve the product.


In the past 1. 2012 years, according to the feedback from the South American market, we improved the patient's clothing of anorectal operation, which not only kept the privacy of patients in use, but also reduced the pain of patients when they were wearing away. It has been well received by the government customers.


2. In the 2014 years, we began to develop dental protection products in the United States. A mask which is more comfortable and fogging effect is improved for dentists to perform dental surgery. It has made significant improvements in anti fog effect and lens refractive index. Dentists don't feel dizzy when they wear it for a long time. This technology has applied for national patent.

In the past


3. 2015 years, on the disposable protective clothing products, we have improved the back fabrics for the needs of the middle and high-end customers, because people wearing such protective clothing need to spend a lot of time in outdoor pollution places, and people will feel hot and sweat when they have more nerves on the back. So we use the back materials with breathable and soft protective materials. The comfort is greatly increased.


4. 2016-2017 years, we conducted an exchange activity for the children's Hospital in the United States. We chose materials and sizes for children's operation and treatment, and made protective products for children, children and adolescents.


5. At present, we have made a test report on the raw materials used in each batch. In order to ensure the safety of the product, welcome customers to ask for access.

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